Elaluz Nourish & Glow Kit

by Sarah

It’s one thing to discover and try new products, but it’s another when those products perform better than expected.

Elaluz is a newcomer to the beauty platform which is growing in popularity…and as I recently found out, with plenty of good reason too…

Elaluz Nourish & Glow Kit

Elaluz is the brain child of Camila Coelho. Camila was a professional makeup artist who then moved onto making YouTube videos.

As her videos (and beauty) went viral, she also caught the attention of many designers becoming a regular at fashion weeks.
With a huge following both in fashion and beauty, Camila’s love for these industries coupled with her humble demeanour put her on the map of favorite influencers.

As well as her own fashion brand on Revolve.com, Camila launched her beauty line Elaluz inspired by her passionate connection to her Brazilian background. The very first launch was her now best selling product: The Beauty Oil

Elaluz Nourish & Glow Kit

Admittedly, I’ve never really liked oils as skincare, and haven’t really had much luck with them especially that my skin doesn’t respond well to rich products. I break out into tiny little white pimples, which indicate the product is too heavy for my skin and hence it purges out.

But…The Beauty Oil kept selling out within days of restocking EVERY SINGLE TIME….so naturally…I got curious.

I ended up purchasing the Nourish & Glow Kit which includes the full size Beauty Oil, 24K Lip Therapy balm and the gorgeous khaki suede makeup bag – as the single bottle Beauty Oil was again out of stock.

Note: If The Beauty Oil or the kit is out of stock on Elaluz.com at the time you read this; I recommend to sign up for stock notifications; or check Revolve or Ulta as they both carry the brand

The Beauty Oil has been a part of my daily skincare routine for about 3 weeks now.

And I am pleasantly surprised at how well my skin took to it – no pimples, no purging, no oily look even though it is an oil.

I can definitely see a radiant, smoothing effect where my pores are less visible and my skin simply looks nourished.

Packed with plant vitamins with star ingredients being Cacay, Buriti Fruit and Cupuacu oils, The Beauty Oil is made of clean, vegan, cruelty free ingredients without the nasty chemicals.

This oil feels so pure, with a mild scent that feels amazing on the skin. Along with its skincare benefits, it also wears beautifully under makeup.

I really really enjoy this oil…especially given my past failed experiences with face oils. It’s one of those “have a back up of” products.


The 24K Lip Therapy has specks of gold in a clear balm – which was an additional extra in the kit I bought.

Dislaimer: I’m not a huge fan of lip balms in pots. I don’t like dipping my finger into the product, and I also don’t love solid texture balms (as this balm is). I find the harder the texture of a lip balm, the more drying it can be on the lips – as contradictory as that sounds.

The gold flecks are quite close to the bottom of the pot so I haven’t even touched them yet to report what kind of effect they have on the lips – whether the shimmer shows up at all or if it blends in and disappears with the clear balm.

If you love lip balms or you become a fan of the brand, then you might want to try this 24K Lip Therapy.

But would I purchase it again? Based on my personal preference of lip balms, not really.


In summary, I absolutely LOVE the Beauty Oil. I can definitely see why it keeps selling out as soon as it’s back in stock.

Elaluz also has many other best selling products from facial mists and overnight facial glow tanning lotions to clean deodorant and eye treatment.

They have recently expanded their color cosmetics range by launching cream bronzers and face palette to go with their existing eyeshadow palette and lip/cheek stain. Check out their site Elaluz.com for their brand new tinted lip oils which launch today


Have you tried any of the Elaluz products? If so, share your favorites in the comments; xo

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