DIY: The Most Decadent Body Scrub

by Sarah

Imagine a tub of gooey ganache with rich scents of coffee and chocolate; and that sweet deliciousness taking over your senses…
Now imagine covering your body in it!

I was whipping up a DIY body scrub the other day and asked on IG stories if you’d like a how-to post on it. So many of you said yes, and here I am sharing the most simple yet decadent DIY recipe that will leave your skin incredibly soft and glowing!
*Before/after pics at the end of the post.

100% organic and environmentally friendly (#recycle), you cannot go wrong with this recipe…

DIY Decadent Body Scrub

I’m a coffee lover; I cherish my Nespresso machine. Those of you who have such machines (which use coffee pods), will also know that we need to recycle the used-up pods.

Instead of throwing the whole lot out, I pierce through the used pods – still recycle the aluminium shell, but collect the coffee grounds in an empty tub. When I have enough coffee grounds – and believe me it doesn’t take long given I have coffee everyday, I turn it into body scrub.

There are many ingredients you can mix with coffee grounds but I just LOVE the delicious, decadent mix of this particular combination. And I cannot explain how amazing the skin feels after using this scrub!


Coffee grounds – recycled like mine; or you can also check with your local coffee shop if they can give you their used up batch – yes some of them really do.

Cacao butter (100% organic cold pressed) – this is what they use in chocolate so you can only imagine the scent!

Olive oil (100% organic cold pressed) – this can also be replaced with coconut oil, avocado oil or almond oil; all amazing for the skin.

Empty tub; jar or air tight container + spoon for mixing

I’m a bit hesitant giving exact measurements for each ingredient, because everyone’s skin needs are different and you can adjust the amount of ingredients depending on your personal preference. However, as a benchmark:

I filled 8oz (250g) tub about 3/4 full with coffee grounds, used half a cup of cacao butter (melted form) and quarter cup of olive oil.

The only additional step required before simply mixing all these ingredients together is to melt the cacao butter. Cacao butter usually comes in a solidified disk. Place the amount you need in a microwaveable bowl; 40-50 seconds is usually enough to melt it.

Add the melted butter and oil into the tub of coffee and mix until everything is combined. I prefer a slightly sludgy texture – rather than a more dry/grainy finish, as I find the coffee absorbs most of the oils once the mixture rests for about an hour or so.

Again, this is where you can alter the amount of the ingredients. If you prefer more of the exfoliating properties of the coffee grounds, then use less oil/butter. If you have dry skin or want that glistening hydration, use more oil/butter.

NOTE: Due to the natural state of the cacao butter being solid, you’ll find it will most likely solidify in the tub – especially in cooler storage areas. This is completely normal and it will soften up once you add some warm water to it and start scrubbing your skin.

If you replace the olive oil with coconut oil, your scrub may become even harder as coconut oil also solidifies.


A grainy base is a must for a body scrub. This can be sugar, salt or coffee grounds. With the recycling benefits being a bonus, I prefer coffee grounds as they’re not too harsh, yet still have a good amount of scrubbing power.

Butters and oils are great carriers for the coffee grounds as they bind the mixture into a paste which makes it easy to massage into the skin.

Cacao butter in particular is renowned for its skin smoothing benefits. It nourishes the skin providing plenty of hydration.

Olive oil is an ancient beauty ingredient used by women for centuries as it literally feeds the skin with all of its healthy goodness. It moisturizes, protects and softens the skin.

As mentioned earlier, you can replace the olive oil (or add to it) other benefitial oils such as coconut, avocado or almond oil.

If you want to take things a step further, you can also add Vitamin E and a dash of scent whether it’d be some fresh vanilla pods or essential oils.


Body scrubs are pretty self explanatory, however I have couple of tips which help get the most out of your DIY product.

I usually use the scrub in the shower, so to avoid mess. Once I wet my body with warm water, I take a handful of the scrub, rub my hands together so the butter/oil warms up and both my hands are coated with the product.

I start from my ankles and work my way up the legs in circular motion. Massaging such products in an upward motion is not only great for the skin but also amazing for boosting circulation.

I do the same for the arms, starting from the wrists and massaging up towards the collar bone and the chest. Same deal with the torso, starting at the bikini line, moving up towards the chest.

Once I do the whole body, I also scrub my hands and rinse everything off. I “pat-dry” with a towel.

You’ll find there will be a veil of those delicious oils and cacao butter left on your skin which feels like silk! You’ll also smell like what you would order on a dessert menu when you want to indulge!

If you suffer from dry hands, you can also use this scrub as a hand treatment (as needed) which will make your hands feel super supple.

There’s something extra rewarding about DIY products like these where you know exactly what goes into your product…and hence onto/into your body.

You’re using organic ingredients that you know are good for your skin; recycling ingredients that are serving a purpose further than their intended use, and ending up with amazing looking and feeling skin.

Too many wins to list, so please tag me in your own creations or share your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!! xo

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Haiyul January 6, 2020 - 6:11 am

Amazing! Tips and remedies for glowing and fairness scrubs. Chocolate and coffee are both effective ingredients. Cocoa Butter and olive oil are shine and make smooth your skin and also nourish your skin. I followed the first one scrub, and I got the result. This scrub makes my skin soft and glowing.

Sarah January 20, 2020 - 3:57 am

Thank you so much for sharing! So happy to hear you love the combination :) xo

Emily July 10, 2019 - 2:50 am

This is genius! I use those pods on the daily. I never would of thought of turning the scraps into body scrub. Mind blown! Totally doing this. Thanks Sarah!

Sarah July 10, 2019 - 7:55 am

So happy to hear that! Please make sure to tag me if you share it on social media ;) xo

Mia June 22, 2019 - 2:46 am

I LOVE this scrub!!!! In addition to being completely natural (and a great use of my leftover coffee grounds!!) it leaves my skin incredibly soft.

Sarah July 10, 2019 - 7:56 am

That makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing Mia xo


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