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by Sarah


I think it’s been about 5 minutes since I last posted about Colourpop…but! I know those of you who appreciate the festival of color, shimmer and flare that Colourpop continue to serve us will appreciate these cheek products just as much as me :)

After their amazing launch with Super Shock Shadows (review here) and Lippie Stix & Liners (review here) exactly 1 year ago this month, Colourpop have started to roll out their cheek products. Though I’ve been impatiently holding myself back from going crazy with the initial launch of the blushes, I’m now glad that I’ve waited and compiled a collection of not only blushes but highlighters and bronzers too!

Colourpop Cheeks

Colourpop’s cheek products are almost double the size of the eyeshadow pots which explains the $8 price tag compared to $5 for the eyeshadows. Considering Colourpop has definitely followed through with same level of quality and color payoff of their eyeshadows with their cheek products, $8 is still very affordable.

The cheek products are very similar in texture to the eyeshadows – in that, they’re soft and squishy but they definitely feel more creamy. They blend beautifully, almost like a soft powder as you work the product into the skin and dries and sets. You can be sure these products aren’t going anywhere once you get it on the skin.


Blushes were the first round of cheek products Colourpop launched. Featuring shades from practically every blush color family you can imagine, the finish of these blushes vary between matte and satin. Some colors look super bright in the pots but they apply quite sheer and can be built up depending on the intensity preferred.

I purchased 3 colors which jumped out at me at first glance and though one can never have enough Colourpop products and I’ll most likely go back for more, these shades are perfect for my coloring (MAC NC30/35).

Colourpop Blushes

Between The Sheets: matte – mid-tone beige pink; Fox: satin – mid tone warm coral; Quarters: satin – Mid tone dusty coral

Pink toned blushes don’t look the best on me personally which is why I lean more towards warmer/peachy undertones. But if you prefer pink blushes, try Birthday Suit, Prenup, Homie or Pie which are all gorgeous!


Firstly, I have to congratulate Colourpop on their color variety as I’ve never seen a brand release 15 different shades of highlighters! This is a testimony to Colourpop’s dedication in catering for all skin tones which I really appreciate. You guys know what a highlighter freak I am and though I’m biased to my Becca highlighters and was a bit skeptical about loving Colourpop highlighters just as much, I have to admit I ate my own words. These highlighters are STUNNING!

I got two neutral highlighters and two brighter highlighters – which I will most likely use as blush, or use over other blush colors to add dimension. Either way, I’m so in love with all of these! *I forgot to add one other color to my order Most Necessary – which is a rose gold/bronze and I’ll definitely be going back for it.

Colourpop Highlighters

Wisp: golden champagne with hues of gold duo chrome; Butterfly Beach: soft peach with gold and silver shimmer; Tasty: candy coral with multi-dimensional pink and copper duo-chrome; Sticky Sweet: deep violet with pink duo chrome

If you’re interested in cooler/frostier highlighters, try Stole The Show, Monster or Hippo; for warmer shades other than what I have, try Teasecake, Boba and Most Necessary; for more vibrant color or if you have darker complexion try Avalon and Sticky Sweet.


Colourpop’s latest addition are 8 bronzers which have only been released couple of weeks ago as part of their summer collection. The colors range from softer matte hues of warm browns to satin finish rich bronze. They apply exactly as the blushes, but being much darker in tone, they need a little bit more blending.

*Please note: the shade Aphrodisiac below is in fact from the blush range but I already had it on my list before the bronzers were released – for the purpose of using it as a bronzer; and now that I have it, I would definitely include it in the bronzer/contour category.

Colourpop Bronzers

Aphrodisiac: matte – soft beige brown; Poolside: satin – golden bronze; Carry-On: matte – soft bronze

I can’t say enough good things about Colourpop and as I keep seeing many other bloggers and Youtubers constantly praising the company and the products too, it only reiterates just how amazing they really are. I’m sure Colourpop will only continue to add more colors and products to their line and I know I will continue to add to my already healthy collection :)

What do you beauties think of the cheeks products? Have you purchased any yet? xx


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Joanna Rara February 16, 2017 - 6:55 pm

What’s the best way to apply bronzer or highlighter? I have been using my fingers and just blending with a brush. Is that what you recommend?

Sarah February 17, 2017 - 3:03 am

Hi Joanna, yes I typically apply the bulk of the color with my fingers first and then either dab or use a fluffy brush to blend.

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Rebecca Steins May 26, 2015 - 8:32 pm

Swoon!!!!!!! Those highlighters are everything! Great photos btw, they’re really helpful. Thank you.

Sarah May 27, 2015 - 10:33 am

Thanks Rebecca, Colourpop really did an amazing job with the highlighters xx

Trisha May 26, 2015 - 6:06 pm

I so love these products……Sarah! When I first purchased a few eye colors, I also picked up two of the blushes, Homie and Pegacorn. The colors are similar, though I find myself reaching for Homie more often. I can’t say enough about these products, just simple and easy…. love. Appreciate what you do Sarah, keep up the good work letting us all know about these wonderful products. Oh and a heads up….Becca is on HSN tomorrow with some of their new products. Can’t wait! Hope you had a great holiday weekend and are getting back into the swing of the week ahead. : )

Sarah May 27, 2015 - 10:32 am

Thank you so much Trisha! You’re always so sweet and supportive of the blog and I really appreciate your feedback. If pink blushes looked good on me, Homie would definitely be the first color I’d purchase too; it looks divine!! Thank you for the heads up about HSN, I think Becca will be releasing some eyeshadow quads soon, it’ll be interesting to see ;) xx

Jessica May 26, 2015 - 5:13 pm

Oh these are too pretty! Your reviews are too good Sarah Back to Colourpop website I go lol

Sarah May 27, 2015 - 10:33 am

Thank you Jessica, let me know what colors you pick up ;) xx


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