Colourpop Blush + Lite Stix

by Sarah

I adore cream products! I love the way they work with the skin, keeping it natural and glowing, yet still add that extra something.

Needless to say, when Colourpop recently announced the launch of their new cream blushes and highlighters, I couldn’t fill up my cart fast enough. At $8 each, who can really blame me.

I’ve been putting them to the test, so lets get right into it and help you find your favorites too…

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Colourpop Blush + Lite Stix

Cased in convenient “twist up sticks”, Colourpop’s new line features a whopping 18 new blushes and 8 new highlighters.

The blushes range from warm corals, to soft pinks and rich berries. They apply smoothly and blend easily. They feel quite light on the skin and don’t move around.

The finish is described as “creme”, meaning it’s emollient with a slight sheen (rather than being super glossy or super matte).

The highlighters range from icy cools to golds, coppers and bronzes. Some are fine shimmer, others have slightly more glittery finish.

What I love most about these types of products is their versatility. They’re fuss-free, quick to apply, and super convenient to travel with – without the worry of anything spilling or breaking.

***I know some people steer clear of cream products because they feel it’s harder to apply, but I shared my tips and tricks at the end of the post; and I promise you’ll become a pro in no time!

Shop Colourpop Blush + Lite Sets HERE

Colourpop Blush + Lite Stix – Call Me Big Poppy Set

Both the blush and highlighter stix retail at an amazing $8 each!

In true Colourpop fashion, they also launched 5 “Blush + Highlight Sets” ($22 per set – featuring 2 blushes + 1 highlighter); as well as “Blush + Highlight Duos” ($15 per duo) curated for light, medium and dark skin tone categories.

For me, it made sense to purchase the sets – as I get to try different colors and have the flexibility of mixing and matching the products. You can however purchase all colors individually.

The colors I usually lean towards are warm, coral/peach undertones so the 3 sets I got all feature colors closer to my personal preference. The remaining 2 sets have a pink/rose color theme.

Now the fun part…


The blushes in this set are my favorites! Maybe I’m a little biased cos one of the colors is called Aloha (and Hawaii always has my heart!)

This set features the peachy/coral range of colors I mostly veer towards. They’re a perfect blend of neutral with just enough pop of color.

The highlighter is slightly too glittery for my liking. Although the soft gold color is stunning, I apply a very thin layer of this, to avoid the chunk(ier) sparkles overtaking the finish.

Left to right: Aloha (blush); Bullz Eye (highlighter); Under Pressure (blush)

Colourpop Call Me Big Poppy Blush + Lite Stix Set


Another gorgeous set, Moonlight & Magnolias also includes warm toned blushes. One has a pink hue, and the other has a peach undertone so this set gives you best of both worlds.

The highlighter is an icy champagne. The cooler frosty shimmer definitely overweighs the champagne undertones of this color.

But this is why I love sets…you can mix and match. Applying the warmer toned blushes and topping it with the icy highlighter gives full control of how much warmer or cooler, softer or more opaque I choose to go.

Left to Right: 25/8 (blush); Star Brite (highlighter); Hooked (blush)

Colourpop Moonlight & Magnolias Blush + Lite Stix Set


This set features darker tones of blush. Another advantage of cream products is that they’re buildable. You can apply them as sheer or intense as you like, meaning rich tones like these can become everyday favorites for lighter skin tones too.

Although the undertones in this set are still warm, the very first blush named Invite Only, throws off a gorgeous berry color. The other shade Roosevelt is almost like a rich terracotta against my skin tone so it doubles up as a bronzer!

The highlighter in this set is my favorite. It’s a soft peach with a hint of gold shimmer. Delicious!

Left to Right: Invite Only (blush); Acting Up (highlighter); Roosevelt (blush)

Colourpop Rose To The Top Blush + Lite Stix Set

And here are the remaining 2 sets, in case you prefer the more pink/rose undertones. Click the names to be taken to the site for details.

                             Peony For Your Thoughts                                                             Orchid You Not


Colourpop Blush + Lite Stix Sets


Now, lets break that taboo of cream products being hard to apply. There are 3 key areas to take into account, to achieve the most seamless finish:

The canvas (aka skin): Cream colors tend to catch, collect or break apart if your skin is dry or dehydrated. It’s important to use your daily moisturizer, serum or primer to make sure your skin is plump and hydrated so emollient products such as creams and liquids can glide on effortlessly.

Tools: What you use to apply your cream products can mean make or break. That said, everyone has their own preferred tool based on what works for them personally.

Fingers are great, as they warm the product and help melt it into the skin.
Beauty blenders are also good, however, being porous, they can soak up some of the product and cause your foundation to lift. Use with caution.

Brushes – small fluffy ones are my personal favorite way to apply creams. They diffuse the product seamlessly and I get full control of intensity.

Real Techniques Contour Brush (gold handle); and Setting Brush (pink handle) are pretty much all I use when applying color cream products.

Application: Dab Dab Dab. Whether you’re using fingers, beauty blenders or brushes, the best tip I can give you is to dab the product on the skin rather than swirl, swipe or drag it.

It’s also important to apply the product to the back of your hand; or pick it up with your sponge/finger/brush from the tube first – instead of applying directly to the skin. This ensures you have full control of how much product you apply, as well as preventing your foundation from lifting or being moved around.

And here we are beauties! Another gorgeous line of products from Colourpop with plenty of variety at affordable prices.

There are so many other stunning blush and highlighter colors in this range so be sure to take a peek HERE to pick your favorites!

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Which blush + lite stix (set or color) is your favorite? Share them in the comments below xo 

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Ash October 22, 2019 - 3:58 am

Hey do the blushes have any shimmer or glitter to them or are they completely matte? Thanks!

Sarah October 22, 2019 - 6:45 am

Hi Ash, all the blushes included in these packs are matte, however you can layer the highlights over them to achieve a shimmering finish.
Colourpop also has many shimmer finish blushes within the Stix range which can be purchased individually on their site. I’d highly recommend Sidewayz which is a tangerine/orange with gold shimmer. It’s gorgeous! :)

Bindi July 10, 2019 - 2:55 am

Your posts always make me spend money. I was planning a restock of some of my C’Pop favorites so I think I’ll add the Poppy set to my cart. Thank you for a gorgeous post!

Sarah July 10, 2019 - 7:54 am

Poppy set is what use the most also. Enjoy your new products Bindi! xo

Jackie June 15, 2019 - 3:46 am

OMG these look so pretty! I love the Rose to the top set. Going over to the site now to get some. Thanks Sarah!

Sarah July 10, 2019 - 7:56 am

Enjoy Jackie!! xo

Mia June 13, 2019 - 11:47 pm

Gorgeous post and such adorable pictures. Can’t wait to try them

Sarah July 10, 2019 - 7:56 am

Thanks Mia! xo


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