Cheesecake Swirl Chocolate Brownie

by Sarah

I know I haven’t posted a recipe in a while but I’m thinking you just might forgive me once you try this cheesecake-y, chocolate-y, gooey goodness. I will put a disclaimer and admit: it is decadent – definitely not your healthy low calorie dessert but then again, the smell alone is enough to take you to bliss so go ahead and treat yourselves to a slice…or five :)

Cheesecake Swirl Chocolate Brownie

This is a pretty simple recipe actually. It consists of 2 parts which take a matter of minutes to prep. So to make it even easier, I designed the ingredients and instructions on a visual keep-card so you can either it Pin it  (if you have Pinterest) or save it to your computer or phone.

Cheesecake Swirl Chocolate Brownie

Cheesecake Swirl Chocolate Brownie

I had this recipe written down in my notepad for years and if I remember correctly, it was a Donna Hay recipe.

And it’s really that simple! You just created a masterpiece of deliciousness! You can adjust how deep you want the cheesecake mix to swirl through the brownie mix. The deeper you scoop the butter knife into the mixture, the more cheesecake mixture will distribute throughout. If you prefer it more on the surface, just do a few figure 8 shapes until you get a marble look.

I hope you enjoy this Cheesecake Swirl Chocolate Brownie. Please don’t forget to pop back and let me know how you liked it in the comments section.

Enjoy!! xx



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winnie September 3, 2014 - 7:37 am

Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmh that looks really good.
I might have to try this recipe

Sarah September 15, 2014 - 5:20 am

all I can say is, it’ll be well worth it :) xx


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