Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics

by Sarah

Hi everyone! I’m quite excited about today’s post. Renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury‘s makeup line is now available to purchase in the US and some online stores which deliver worldwide. This means we can get our hands on these much talked about products which were only available in the UK up until now! *I left links to where you can purchase this line at the end of the post.

Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics

For those of you who are not familiar with Charlotte Tilbury, she’s a UK based celebrity makeup artist, whose body of work dates back 20 years. Having worked with amazing photographers, fashion houses and the likes of Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, she’s one of my makeup idols whom I’ve followed for many years.

Last year, Charlotte released her very own makeup line which has only launched in the UK (Selfridges) with a hugely publicised range of products. Although the rest of us enviously watched on from afar, time has now come for us to join in the fun.

Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics

Charlotte Tilbury makeup line practically has all you need to create endless looks without the need of venturing into any other brand. From primers, base products, buttery eyeshadow compacts to smokiest eyeliners, lipsticks, glosses, blushes, brushes and recently glowing body bronzers, it’s hard to just choose one favorite.

The star product however, which started Charlotte’s venture into creating a makeup line is her famous Magic Cream. Created by Charlotte herself, she would mix up pots of this magic concoction to use backstage on models and her famous clientele, with rave reviews and many questions as to what was in this skin perfecting, glow inducing, prepping cream. As with all things magical, Charlotte still won’t give any clues about what goes into her pot of wonder but it’s her best selling item in the line.

Of course it doesn’t stop there! Charlotte’s experience in the makeup industry really shines through in the Lookbooks she created along with her cosmetics line. She’s designed 10 signature looks and compiled all the products she used for each look in individual sets you can purchase. She also included tutorials as to how you can create each look, taking the guess work out of how to make the most of her products. How helpful is that!

Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics

What sets Charlotte Tilbury’s products apart is the knowledge and experience that went into creating them. My fellow makeup artists would know, when you’re living and breathing makeup products as a part of your career, you become one with them. You know the colors, textures, what works, what doesn’t on a very different level. This is why I’m particularly fond of makeup brands which have been created by makeup artists themselves. Charlotte Tilbury’s products are definitely no exception.

You can get detailed information on Charlotte’s products, including tutorials on her own website at Charlotte

As for other online stores stocking Charlotte Tilbury products and deliver internationally/worldwide, check out the following links: HERE, HERE and HERE

Have you purchased any Charlotte Tilbury products yet? What do you think of them? xx


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Jackie September 15, 2014 - 5:37 pm

I’m super excited that these are now available in the US. I really wanna try the eyeshadows and the blushes. They all look beautiful.


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