Chantecaille Face Tints

by Sarah

I feature a lot of products on my IG stories, but some products catch people’s attention more so than others.

Chantecaille Face Tints have been so popular and I get so many questions about them, that I thought I’d do a detailed post…

Chantecaille Sheer Rose & Anti Ageing Bronze Tint

I’ve been intrigued with Chantecaille for some time now. From their skincare range to gorgeously packaged cosmetics line which contributes to preservation and conservation of endangered species, there’s always been something about this line that peaked my interest.

Although I purchased bits and pieces from their cosmetics line in the past, it was their Anti Ageing Face Tint that made me really pay attention to this brand.


I typically get more sun on my body than my face, so my face is usually lighter than my body. The shade difference becomes quite apparent in warmer months when my skin is more exposed.

I could purchase 2 shades of the same foundation to cater for different seasons, but I also need a quick fix for days when I don’t want to wear foundation.

This is why this tint sounded so appealing to me. A lightweight, sheer gel-creme that deposits a warm veil.

What seems like quite a dark shade in the jar (especially for my medium skin tone) ends up blending out to a beautiful hue of bronze.
It’s also buildable so you can make it work for darker skin tones, or apply it around the frame of the face, and under the cheekbones to add natural dimension.

This was the main reason that I purchased this face tint. But once I got to using it, I realised it is much much more than that…


Chantecaille Anti Ageing Tint in Bronze

Although the face tint doesn’t provide any coverage, it still evens out the skin tone. Maybe it’s that healthy glow it adds to the skin, maybe the hue of bronze is just enough to smooth everything out, but it definitely does something…and a good thing at that!

Furthermore, it works beautifully as a primer, so I blend out the tint all over my face, and then go in with a pea-size amount of my regular foundation – predominantly in the centre of my face diffusing out. The finish is flawless, the color balances so perfectly with my slightly darker body and my makeup stays on even longer.

But there’s more! This tint is infused with anti-ageing skincare which Chantecaille is renowned for. And I can vouch for the skincare aspect working its magic, cos even after I cleanse my face, my skin has a beautifully radiant, soft finish to it.

Whether you want to even out your skin tone, add a healthy glowing bronze, achieve the most natural contour/sculpt without heavy coverage, add a layer of primer under your makeup or a lightweight skincare that plumps your skin, you have an all-in-one product in this golden jar!


But what about having similar benefits without the bronze tint?…I almost hear you ask. Because after I loved the effects of the bronze tint, I too started thinking and wishing that I could have such an option.

In a classic case of “ask and you shall receive”, Chantecaille launched their Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint. So guess who added it to cart in a flash!

Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Tint

Same formula of a lightweight, sheer gel-creme, the rose tint has a soft pink undertone infused with illuminating particles and powerful botanicals. Its instant result is a beautiful glow that softly blurs the skin. The pink undertone doesn’t really translate as a color deposit but rather a healthy boost.

As the name suggests, the rose tint is infused with a calming rose scent – which I personally love. It has a similar moisturising, smoothing, plumping effect as the bronze tint – with an illuminating component.

I’ve been alternating between these two products, both to wear on their own and under makeup; and I cannot say a single bad thing about either the products or their performance.

That said, at $79USD a pop for a 30g/1.06oz product, I would like to see a mini spatula included in the pack for hygiene purposes.

And the only other disadvantage is availability as I’m sure so many people have already caught onto how good they are, and they seem to be out of stock almost everywhere.

I’m leaving different links below so register for their waitlist to be notified as soon as they restock.

Chantecaille Site: shop here
Nordstrom: shop here
Bloomingdales: shop here
Australia: shop here
International: shop here

I hope the above information helped explain the versatility and hence the popularity of Chantecaille Face Tints

Let me know if you’ve used them; or what your thoughts are! xo


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April January 26, 2023 - 9:45 am

Registered myself to be notified! I need these in my life!!!


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