Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

Becca (and highlighter) lovers rejoice! We’re only a day away from the launch of Becca’s collaboration with Jaclyn Hill: The Champagne Collection and it’s gonna get crazy!

**Bookmark this link⇒ Becca Champagne Collection and set your alarms to 9am PST, May 26th, to secure your favorites.

Following in the footsteps of Becca’s very first collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, which brought us the cult favorite Champagne Pop highlighter, this collection already has so much buzz around it. Lets take a close look at what’s about to hit the shelves…

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

With continuous demand and interest for the original Champagne Pop highlighter, I guess a follow up collaboration makes perfect sense. I personally didn’t expect it to have so many pieces within it, but more the merrier I say. Here’s a break down of The Champagne Collection:


Along with the existing Champagne Pop highlighter in powder version, this collection brings a liquid and also a pressed cream formula into the mix. This is great as all of Becca’s permanent highlighters come in these 3 different formulas so considering how popular Champagne Pop shade is, it’s good to have it available in a variety of formulas now.

Becca Champagne Pop Collection

Champagne Pop Liquid is $41 (1.7oz); Champagne Pop Pressed Cream is $38 (0.19oz); Champagne Pop Powder is $38 (0.28oz)



A limited edition highlighter/blush palette, this is what a lot of people are already going crazy over. It features the original Champagne Pop powder highlighter (0.19oz), the new Prosecco Pop powder highlighter (0.19oz) and 3 small blushes. The difference between Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop is that: Champagne Pop has warmer almost peachy undertones whereas the new Prosecco is more of a yellow/true gold undertone.

The blushes – left to right are: Rose Spritz which is a warm pink with golden shimmer throughout; Amaretto is a soft tan/brown with pink undertones and though it’s described as a matte shade, it is in fact a satin finish with subtle gold sheen; Pamplemousse is a warm pink with a satin finish.

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

Being such a huge fan of Becca highlighters and blushes, I have no qualms about the quality or the color payoff of this palette. My only hang up is the Rose Spritz blush. Rose Spritz is basically the Pamplemousse blush mixed with either Champagne Pop or Prosecco Pop highlighter. I would have loved to have seen either a true coral, a matte mid/dark tone peach or even a cooler shade instead. Especially given the color variety in the next product coming up, this would have made the palette more versatile than to repeat a color. In any case, considering the amount of product you get, the palette is great value for money at $52.


Last but not least is a limited edition eyeshadow palette, featuring 5 colors with a mix of matte and shimmer finishes. This palette definitely offers more variety in terms of warm and cool tones than the face palette. This is what I meant earlier when I said even a cool toned blush would have been a great addition to the face palette, to tie in with some of the cooler eyeshadow colors.

Left to right: Chardonnay (shimmer); Champagne Toast (shimmer); Cordial (matte) ; Cognac (matte); Bordeaux (matte)

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

Champagne Pop eyeshadow palette retails at $40 (5 x 0.06oz)

So here we are beauties, the much hyped about and anticipated launch from Becca in its entirety. The collection is exclusive to Sephora and available for online purchase Thursday May 26th; 9am PST (US & Ca) and in stores June 16th.

SHOP Becca Champagne Collection HERE


Let me know if you end up getting any (or all) of the collection and what your favorites are :)

Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops

Hi beauties! There will be plenty of highlighting action going on this week, with a major launch in a few days so make sure you stay tuned for that.

In today’s post however, I thought I’d kick things off with a budget friendly yet very impressive highlighter from Sephora,which I’ve been loving lately. It’s the Radiant Luminizing Drops and it’s become quite a contender for my high end liquid highlighters…

Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops

Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops in Ultra Light

Radiant Luminizing Drops is a liquid formula. It contains finely milled shimmer which is buildable and the best part is: it dries super quick and doesn’t budge or move around like some liquid formulas can. It comes in a 15ml/0.50oz bottle with a dropper which is great for controlling how much product disperses out and of course hygiene.

Of the 3 shades available, I picked up the Ultra Light color as I loved the soft golden shimmer with a warm undertone. It radiates the most perfect glow and I can go as natural or intense as I like without the product getting patchy or tacky. This highlighter is also perfect to mix into foundations for a radiant dewy finish. Big thumbs up all round!

Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops  Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops

Sephora Radiant Illuminizing Drops in Ultra Light

Although the formula is great to blend with fingers too, I’ve been finding the beauty blender provides an even application and it’s also better for layering it. The Artis No.7 brush is another great option. Of course you can test different methods to see what works for you.


Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops

Ultra Light: This is the darkest of the bunch. Although the color description on the Sephora site says bronze, it’s definitely more of a luminous gold as seen in the pictures.

Starlight: An iridescent pink with cool silvery/frosty undertones

Morning Light: A true champagne with lighter shimmer particles.

The two neutral colors Ultra Light and Morning Light tend to sell out pretty quickly so just keep checking back your local store or online.


The Radiant Luminizing Drops retail at $14 which is great value for such an amazing product. Shop HERE


Have you tried these highlighters before? What’s your current favorite highlighter?

My Essential Sigma Brushes

“What are some essential makeup brushes I should invest in?” Amongst the many beauty related questions I receive, this one comes up quite often. In all honesty, I have a variety of different brands and brushes in my kit that I absolutely love, however, when I’m asked to recommend essentials, I find Sigma Beauty ticks a lot of boxes.

So today, I thought I’d compile a handful of my Sigma favorites. Along with my list, Sigma Beauty has a huge range of makeup brushes available so be sure to check their site for your specific brush needs or pre-packaged sets.

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Sigma Essential Brushes

Sigma Beauty Essential Brushes

Before we delve into the details, let me put a reminder that as with makeup products, there are also no rules when it comes to makeup brushes. Don’t be too hung up on the name of a brush. If you feel comfortable using an eyeliner brush to draw on your nose contour, then be it. As you’ll see in the below descriptions, I use my brushes for all sorts of different jobs and products.

Click on the name of each brush to get more info and/or shop


F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

This brush is probably the most loved foundation brush of all time…and with good reason too. Designed to flawlessly airbrush liquid and cream products, the flat top and densely packed bristles provide a quick and even coverage. It really does make the blending process a breeze.

This brush is also great for applying cream contour products as the cut of the bristles help draw sharp lines under the cheekbones, jawline and around the forehead.

Check out Sigma’s other foundation brushes here




3D HD Precision Brush

The 3D shape was pioneered by Sigma and although it also comes in a foundation brush, I find this smaller version to be perfect for concealer and color correcting. The angle that the bristles are cut at ensures precise application and blending of concealer or color correcting products. This brush is also great for cleaning up around winged liners or eyeshadows to achieve sharp lines, as well as contouring around the nose or under cheekbones.

Check out Sigma’s other concealer brushes here




F10 Powder/Blush Brush

This F10 brush is a perfect example of a multi-tasker. The shape, size and tapering of the bristles is perfect for setting the face with powder, applying bronzer, buffing out contour or highlight powders as well as precise application of blush. So, if you’re going to buy just one face brush for powder products, F10 is it!

Check out Sigma’s other powder brushes here




F35 Tapered Highlighter

I love this brush! Although it says “highlighter brush”, this is also another multi tasker as I set my under eye concealer and use it to contour around the nose and under the cheeks. The pointy tapering and super soft bristles of this brush gives great control of where and how much highlighter, powder or contouring products to apply. Definite must have!

Check out Sigma’s other highlight/contour brushes here


Moving onto eye makeup brushes! Keep in mind, different styles of eye makeup may need different brushes, however I find the combination of the following brushes tackle pretty much every look from the easy everyday to the most dramatic. Blending is definitely key to achieving great results when it comes to eye makeup so the first 4 brushes really help make the process a breeze.

Check out Sigma’s full range of blending brushes here; and lid brushes here



E25 Blending Brush

One of Sigma’s all time best sellers, this blending brush is the perfect size and shape to ensure all your eyeshadows are diffused to seamless perfection. I didn’t include a flat shader brush in this mix, purely because I use the sides of this blending brush to pack on color – again, making it a double-duty brush.

If you prefer a flat shader brush however, I highly recommend the E55 flat shader brush




E40 Tapered Blending Brush

The difference between the E40 and the E25 blending brushes, other than color is the size. Whilst the E25 allows for more controlled blending of eyeshadows, the E40 being much larger with a wider bristle span really helps even out the eyeshadow application. I use this brush quite often when working with darker color eyeshadows as it diffuses the colors evenly.





E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush

If you do a lot of crease work, especially building up transition colors or classic smoky eyes, the perfect point of this brush helps apply the eyeshadow and blend them beautifully.

If you’re a fan of cut-crease looks or smoking out the bottom lash line, you’ll love this baby. Apply shadow to the side of brush, angle the brush upwards whilst the product side touches the skin and swipe back and forth along the crease line. This creates a gradient along the crease without touching the lid so you can get that perfect cut crease look.



E36 Performance Blending Brush

This delicate brush is one of my go-to’s especially if I’m layering a lot of eyeshadows and need to have better control of the area I’m blending.

The bristles, being much longer makes this brush quite flexible so whilst you can pin point the area you want to blend, you get to diffuse it seamlessly without interfering with other colors.




E30 Pencil Brush

Another absolute must have! You can use this brush to apply eyeshadows into the crease or outer V of the eye to build color, but its main function is to blend out eyeliners or eyeshadows along the top and bottom lash lines. Its precise point helps smudge eyeliners and the tapering of the bristles smoke out the colors at the same time.

This brush is perfect for creating those smoky sultry looks and you can also use it to apply a hint of sparkle into the inner corners of the eyes.



E21 Smudge Brush

Whilst the E30 Pencil brush is great for achieving an overall smoky effect around the lash line, some looks require more precision and control when it comes to the “smudging” process. This is where this little but powerful smudge brush comes into play.

Especially helpful when blending long wearing liners as you can get right into the lashline. Also great for smudging your eyeliner into a perfect wing.




E05 Eyeliner Brush

A brush with a sharp point and perfect bristle density is key to getting the dreaded winged liner right. This E05 liner brush ticks all the boxes as it helps draw perfect lines as thick or thin as you like, with a single swipe. If you remember to rest your elbow or hand in a steady position, coupled with this brush, you’ll become a winged liner pro in no time.

This brush is also great for precision concealing and correction of blemishes and acne scars.

Check out Sigma’s other liner brushes here



E65 Small Angle Brush

This brush is again multi-use. If pointy brushes such as the E05 is not your favorite style when it comes to creating winged liners, you can most certainly use a small angle brush like this E65. Due to the bristles being cut at an angle, some people find it easier to rest this brush on the outer corner of the eye and pull the eyeliner up towards the end of the brows to help create a steady base for a wing. You can also use this angle brush to create perfect brows. Whether with eyebrow powders or pomades, the size of this brush really helps create natural strokes to shape or fill in the brows.


That pretty much sums up the basic essential brushes I usually recommend to those who ask about building a brush kit. As well as many individual brush options for pretty much every makeup task imaginable, Sigma Beauty also has great value sets. Check them out here and Use Code: SIGMA2016 for 10% Off

I hope this was helpful; please leave any questions you may have in the comments below :)


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