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Sephora + Pantone Marsala Collection

And it’s here!! Sephora + Pantone Collection of color of the year 2015 Marsala has just hit the stores and compared to the packaging of the previous years, they mean business with this launch.

Presented in chic gold casing complemented by the transparent marsala hued outer packaging, this collection is super pretty. And if you’ve been wondering how to rock marsala in your makeup looks, there’s plenty of inspiration in the promotional shots…

Sephora Pantone Marsala

There are 8 items released with the collection and the textures and shades seem to be quite universal, in that, they’re sheer enough to complement light skin tones for a wash of color yet buildable to show up on the deeper darker skin tones.


Get it HERE – $39-

Containing 24 eyeshadows with a great variety of matte, shimmer, pearl and glitter finishes, this palette has a good range of colors to create warm neutral looks yet add as much or little marsala as you feel comfortable with. The variety of different finishes also gives the flexibility to take your eye looks from casual everyday to shimmering glam. The eyeshadow pans are also deeper than the previous years containing more product.




Get it HERE – $28-

This convenient trio palette has 2 powder blushes and 1 powder highlighter. It caters for all skin types with a soft peachy blush in the middle and a deeper marsala shade for the darker skin tones. The highlight is super pretty with just enough shimmer and it has a soft hue to work with the other two colors. Another plus about this palette is that you can layer all 3 shades to create great dimension on the cheeks




Get it HERE – $28

This was the set that really caught my attention when Sephora sent me the pre-release photos. They reminded me so much of the Marc Jacobs chubby lipsticks. Featuring 4 nude/earthy lip colors laced with marsala undertones, these chubby lipsticks can be used individually or layered to achieve an ombre lip. With a sheer moisturising finish, this set would be make for an amazing gift for a loved one…if you can part with the prettiness of course :)




Get it HERE – $18-

If you prefer a more opaque matte finish lip color, this lipstick is designed to give you a rich marsala pout without the drying effect of most matte lipsticks. Whether you dab a little amount for a stained look or layer it for a full effect, this color is gorgeous for any occasion.




Get it HERE – $25

I don’t know if you guys ever tried a “cooling” creme product like this multi stick but it’s the strangest feeling ever. It literally cools the skin as you roll it over the cheeks and lips. Aveda had these cooling multi sticks and I had 2 shades which I used to death during warmer months. With a sheer lightweight texture, this stick contains nourishing coconut oil and caffeine to instantly cool and de-puff the skin. Being a multi-use product, you can layer this over the cheeks and lips for a hint of marsala.




Get it HERE – $18-

I think this will be a popular product to incorporate marsala into eye makeup looks without having to get too creative with eyeshadows. With a metallic finish, this rich liquid liner will add a simple yet very effective pop of color to the eyes with a flicked line above the lashes.




Get it HERE – $20-

Colored mascaras come and go but this is definitely a shade we haven’t seen much of over the years. Shades containing red undertones can be tricky to use on the lashes as there’s a fine line between looking chic and looking like you’ve been hit by allergies. I’ll leave the verdict to your personal tastes on the lashes but the picture shows how it looks as a tint on the brows.



Last of this collection is a Pro Angled Brush $39 which has soft fluffy bristles and a marsala colored handle. It can be used for blush, highlight and contour having an angled cut.

So here we are beauties…muchly anticipated Sephora+Pantone Marsala Collection is finally available…and just in time for Xmas too if you want to treat yourself or a loved one.


What do you guys think of the items featured in this collection? Any favorites? xx


Pictures courtesy of Sephora


Marsala in Fashion

Now that Pantone Color Of The Year 2015 is announced to be the rustic red/wine tones of Marsala, I thought I’d take a browse through my fashion set archives. And I was pleasantly surprised that I’ve used this rich shade in many different combinations.

As Sephora releases the makeup collection, lets take a look at how Marsala can be incorporated into our wardrobes. **Please note, I’d created these sets some time ago, so if you have any questions about any of the items featured, just leave me a message in the comments below ;)

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.29.48 pm


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.28.35 pm


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.28.20 pm



Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.29.06 pm


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.28.54 pm


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.29.35 pm


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.29.22 pm

As you can see, from the everyday casual to structured pieces, Marsala adds a powerful punch to any outfit – whether you choose a main piece or use it in form of accessories. I’m sure we’ll be seeing many new designs featuring this color and I’m particularly interested in seeing Marsala amongst spring/summer items.

Which look is your favorite? xx


2-Minute Shimmering Eyes

Hi beauties!! This is somewhat an unplanned post but I got so many compliments on this eye makeup I had on few days ago, I thought I may as well do a post and show you just how easy it is to achieve :)

It’s no secret that I live and breathe makeup and although I enjoy all aspects of makeup application, it’s also a fact that our daily hustle and bustle doesn’t always allow us to sit back and enjoy the process. However, practicality is key and you don’t have to spend hours and use countless number of products to achieve pretty looks.

This look is a perfect example…

Beauty Point Of View

2-minute Shimmering Eyes

For this look I used: NYX jumbo pencil in Sparkle Leopard + Ardell Demi Wispies false lashes + Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kajal Pencil in Brown (optional).

Beauty Point Of View

NYX jumbo pencil in Sparkle Leopard / Rimmel ScandalEyes Kajal Liner in Brown / Ardell Demi Wispie lashes

The star of this look is undoubtedly the NYX jumbo pencil in Sparkle Leopard. It’s a pretty gold/bronze color with silver sparkles throughout. The shimmer/sparkle combo instantly adds a pretty glisten to the eyes.

**Check out my review/swatch post of all the NYX jumbo pencils I have HERE.


1. I lined my top and bottom lash lines with the Sparkle Leopard pencil, smudged with my fingers and re-applied a second coat for intensity. *As I mentioned in my full review of these NYX jumbo pencils, they’re better used as a base for eyeshadows due to their soft texture; but I find the lighter shimmer colors such as the Sparkle Leopard hold up well as liners with couple of coats.

2. I applied Ardell demi wispie lashes very close to my natural lash line; and one coat of black mascara on my bottom lashes.

3. Optional: I applied Rimmel ScandalEyes Brown pencil in my tight line (inner rim of my top lash line) to darken the lash line so the false lashes look more natural. You can most certainly leave this step out or use the dark brown liner to line above the lash line or darken the bottom lash line ,if you want the look to be stronger ;)

And that’s pretty much it! So, whether you pair this look with nude lips for day wear as I did or add a rich bold pout for a sparkling evening look, it’s a simple yet effective look and no one will know it only took minutes to create ;)

You can purchase NYX, Ardell and Rimmel products at drugstores or online.

What do you guys think of this look? What’s you time saving go-to look on those crazy busy days? xx