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Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Nail Collection

If you’re interested in fashion, or you like scrolling through fashion sites or magazines, you must have seen the name Olivia Palermo or her pictures at least once…OK, actually…plastered all over. I must admit, I don’t know how she does it but she has the most amazing talent of putting together an outfit and carrying it off so well.

Olivia Palermo just recently collaborated with Ciate London to create a mini collection of nail polish; and it perfectly embodies the classic yet modern style she represents…

olivia palermo ciate

Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Nail Collection 2015 

Inspired by French gifting boxes for the outer packaging, Olivia was involved in the creative process of this collection from the beginning.  Consisting of 3 essential shades, including Sundays – a pale pink suitable for everyday; Nantucket – a vibrant coral and Hutch – a classic red, Olivia wanted to make sure her personal style was translated into the products.

olivia palermo diate olivia-palermo-ciate-nail-polish-03

Nantucket – Hutch – Sundays

The polishes have color-lock technology making them long lasting and also contain strengthening ingredients to nourish the nails. They retail at $24 each and they are limited edition at Sephora and can now be purchased HERE

Furthermore, Olivia created a capsule collection of makeup products for the brand which includes a collagen infused lipstick, a smokey eye palette, a contour palette and additional nail colors. These products are set to launch in September and I’m excited to see what they’ll be like as her beauty and makeup style is just as famous as her fashion sense.


What do you beauties think of Olivia Palermo branching into beauty products? xx


Difference Between Mac Fix+ and Setting Spray

One of the most popular products amongst makeup lovers is MAC Fix+, but it’s also a product that has many scratching their heads once they purchase it. In fact, most people buy it because of the hype surrounding it yet don’t quite know what it actually does and hence how to use it.

So today, we’ll put all the question marks to rest and cover what MAC Fix+ is and why it’s so different from makeup setting sprays…

MAC Fix+


The most common misconception about MAC Fix+ is that it’s a setting spray. People buy it expecting it to lock their makeup into place so that it lasts long hours and doesn’t budge. Of course when they realise it does neither, they wonder why others are so in love with it.

MAC Fix+ is a “binding spray”. It’s designed to settle and bind to the skin any powder products that may have been used in the makeup process. You know the look when you apply your foundation then set it with powder – followed by your powder contour, bronzer, blush, highlight etc; and you end up with a fairly matte, sometimes chalky finish which can take hours to settle into the skin as the oils mix together. Well, MAC Fix+ is used to do the settling for you…instantly.

A few sprays of MAC Fix+ all over the face not only helps bind all the products together, but it also helps keep the dewy/glowing look. I personally love my MAC Fix+ spray as I prefer the skin to have some luminosity and prevent the matte/powdery look. If you’re after the same type of finish or enjoy a refreshing spray after you apply your makeup, then you’ll love MAC Fix+ spray.

TIP: MAC Fix+ is also great to spray over eye brushes before dipping into the eyeshadows to intensify their color or turn them into creamier consistency. I have a “how to” post on this nifty trick HERE


As the name suggests, a makeup setting spray does just that: it locks in your makeup, makes it long lasting and pretty much budge proof. Being a liquid spray, it does settle the powder products into the skin just like MAC Fix+ with the added bonus of locking them into place.

Setting sprays are great for special occasions or during summer months and vacations when you want your makeup to stay put until you choose to take it off. My all time favorite setting spray is Urban Decay’s All Nighter. Urban Decay has many different setting sprays depending on your needs, including oil controlling and hydrating but I find All Nighter is more heavy duty. There are many other brands which make great setting sprays – you can browse through them HERE

TIP: A great little trick you can use setting spray for is to turn your under eye concealer into a long lasting version. Mix your regular concealer with a few drops of setting spray and you have yourself a crease-free, budge proof concealer ;)

So here we are ladies, the difference between MAC Fix+ and makeup setting sprays which I hope answered some of your questions. MAC Fix+ for a 3.4oz bottle is $22- and you can purchase it HERE; and/or Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is $30- for a 4oz bottle which you can get HERE


Do you use MAC Fix+ and/or a Setting Spray? Which is your favorite? xx


Tarte Showstopper Palette

I caved in and bought Tarte’s Showstopper Palette – instant confession: OK, I wasn’t trying “that” hard to refrain myself.

After purchasing Tarte’s Rainforest palette (review here; makeup tutorial here) and falling in love with how gorgeous and versatile it is, I just had to get the Showstopper palette too. Now that it’s here…I’m wondering why I didn’t get it sooner.

Tarte Showstopper Palette

As with the Rainforest Palette, the Showstopper Palette contains eye and cheek products, including Park Ave Princess bronzer, Champagne Pink highlighter, a full size Amazonian clay blush in Fame and 6 super buttery eyeshadows.

The reason I was really drawn to this palette is of course the colors. I really enjoy my warm tones and seeing as the blush is also a stunning shade of peachy coral, it pretty much ticked all the boxes for me. And can we just admire the packaging for a minute!!…

Shop Tarte Showstopper Palette HERE

Tarte Showstopper Eye/Cheek palette


The compact is embossed with a leather-like snakeskin print in Tarte’s famous purple shade. It sits against a shiny gold frame and this combination gives the palette a stunningly classy look and feel. I can totally see why they named it Showstopper.

Quality wise, I couldn’t say enough good things about all the products featured in the palette. They all contain Tarte’s signature Amazonian clay, texture is really smooth and blends beautifully.

Tarte Showstopper Palette

This palette contains more shimmer eyeshadows than the Rainforest palette but the shimmer is so finely milled that some shades can even pass off as satin finish. As with the Rainforest palette, you can use these shadows with a wet brush to intensity color and texture and turn the darkest eyeshadow, Dim The Lights, into a liner.

I did a makeup tutorial with the Rainforest Palette featuring 3 different looks from the most natural to the more dramatic. You can definitely apply the same techniques to this palette and create countless looks. Check out the full tutorial HERE

Tarte’s Showstopper Palette is also $38, and it is limited edition. If you love your warm toned shades and/or looking for a versatile all in one palette, you need this little gem in your collection.

Shop Tarte Showstopper Palette HERE


Share your thoughts beauties xx