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Shaping The Eyebrows

Continuing on from part 1 of the eyebrow series HERE, where we discussed the importance of eyebrows in framing and enhancing the face and features, today’s post is all about tips and pointers to keep in mind when shaping the eyebrows.

Note: apply and customise these tips to achieve what you feel is the right look for you and what you personally feel comfortable with. There are no rules, only suggestions ;)

The most common misconception when it comes to shaping the brows is where to start the brows. I see many charts pointing to the side of the nostrils going up, to indicate where the brows should start. This may work for some but in my experience, I find the biggest problem with this tip is:

             1. if you have wider/fuller nostrils, you would lose half of your eyebrow starting them this way (as per picture below)

             2. the further apart the distance between the brows, the wider the nose looks

Here’s what I find has worked for me personally (and also with my clients) in achieving the most natural and flattering shape:


Start: where the natural curve of your inner brow bone meets the top of the nose – as indicated in the photo.

Arch: hold a pencil or brush handle at an angle from the side of the nostril to where the colored part of the iris ends

End: hold a pencil or brush handle at an angle from the side of the nostril towards where your eye ends


Once you establish the 3 basic points of Start, Arch and End of your brows, it is then time to decide how thick/thin you would like your eyebrows to be. The best way to see the shape of your new eyebrows without going ahead and plucking them is to map the shape out by either use a white pencil, or a very dark one:


Picture Credit: Makeup by the amazingly talented Charlotte Tilbury

White pencil method: use the white pencil to color over any stray hairs or parts of your eyebrow that you would like to remove. This will leave behind the brow hairs which will make up the final shape. Once you have the desired shape, pluck/remove all the hairs that are coated with the white pencil.

Dark pencil method: use a brow or eyeliner pencil darker than your brow hairs to draw on the shape you like. Pluck/remove the hairs that are outside of the areas you have drawn.

These methods are also great in matching the shape of both brows without removing any hairs. Make sure to stand back now and then and check that you’re happy with the shape you created. If not, it’s as easy as wiping the pencil off and starting again, without compromising the end result.

As with all my tips regarding beauty and makeup, I’m all for easy, practical yet effective techniques. It’s impossible to advice what the right shape of eyebrow would be for every one of you over a blog post, which is why I hope pointers such as the ones above will help you achieve the best possible result for you - without the restriction of set rules.

Next up in the eyebrow series, we will look at brow tools, hair removal methods and professional brow services available. But before then, here’s a collection of the most iconic eyebrows through the years…




Which is your favorite iconic shape? xx


Object Of Desire

No matter what the weather is like outside my window, compiling fashion sets according to how I prefer to feel has become a habit lately :) As you can tell from today’s set, I’m all for a happy sunny summer’s day!

Green is one of those colors I don’t reach for very often. It’s like the style has to catch my attention to such an extent that I can’t say no to green (vs any other color). The top in this set did just that. I love the soft draping of the crossover in the front, as well as the contrasting black straps. As I was deciding whether I should pair it with black leather pants, boyfriend jeans, a maxi skirt or a white pair of shorts, I came across this print skirt with different green accents within, as well as a great balance of black and white.

As versatile as these two pieces are together, whether you’d like to give it a casual feel with flat sandals and even a cardigan, I wanted to compliment the delicate prints within the skirt, as well as the thin straps of the top by matching them with strappy heels.

If you have any questions regarding the pieces in this set, please leave a message in the comments section below ;) xx

TOP: Ba&sh – Brauiti green top

SKIRT: Topshop – Fluro folk pelmet skirt

SHOES: Giuseppe Zanotti – Mortisia sandals

BAG: Chicnova – Clear shoulder bag with lace pouch

BANGLE: Betsey Johnson – Mint multi stone hinge bangle

***All the fashion sets I publish are my own work from page layout to design, to styling. I create my sets to be of inspiration to carry into your own closets; whether you’re interested in the brands I feature or find alternatives to replicate the look.

You can find an archive of my previous sets HERE

Sephora Formula X Press Pods

When it comes to nail polish, if you’re after a variety of colors coupled with convenience, I think you will love these new release “one-time-use” nail polish pods from Sephora‘s Formula X line.

The pods are made of soft squeezable plastic with nail polish brush at the end (and small enough to throw into your purse). Each pod contains enough product to apply 2 coats. Here’s how easy it is to use:
For their initial release, the pods come in a pack of 24 colors and the pack is $39. I’m not sure if the pods will ever be available for individual sale or maybe Sephora will release smaller seasonal sets depending on the success of these pods.

Sephora Formula X Press Pods set includes the following 24 colors – Get it HERE

If you love nail polish and a fan of Formula X, I guess this set is a great way of trying out different colors, not to mention the convenience of the pods especially when travelling.

What do you guys think of these nail polish pods? Hot or Not? xx


Weekly Finds – April 17

I know I haven’t done a Weekly Finds segment in a while (insert guilty face here), but I’m hoping I can make it up to you guys with these goodies I found ;)

I’m really into yellow/green – aka chartreuse lately so I couldn’t resist sharing some items featuring this bright and bubbly color. Few pointers for this week’s finds:

After the success (and due to high demand) of the limited edition Ambient Lighting powder palette, Hourglass Cosmetics have now added this palette to their permanent line. I did an info post on these powders, as well as the corresponding Ambient Lighting blush range HERE if you’d like to take a look. They’re already selling pretty quickly if you’d like to get your hands on one.

My favorite item this week however, is the Kate Spade square stud earrings. They’re on special at the moment for $28.50 and they have the prettiest color range to match any outfit (or your mood) :)

Hover over the pictures for details and click to be taken to the online stores; Enjoy!!! xx


Le Couvent Des Minimes

I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with a natural skincare brand recently: Le Couvent Des Minimes. And now that I have used their products and gained more information about the company itself, I’m wondering why I haven’t discovered them sooner!


Le Couvent Des Minimes

As much as I can be a product junkie and enjoy trying different brands, when it comes to skincare in particular – whether by researching and using natural ingredients or by having a strong ethical and eco-friendly stand as their motivation – I find myself sticking to brands which put more time and effort into developing their products. Le Couvent Minimes definitely fits this bill:


You can read more about the story behind Le Couvent Des Minimes and check out their full range of products HERE

Le COuvent Des Minimes

Loving Care Body Balm: Containing in-house Galen’s wax to nourish, repair and protect the skin, as well as Calendula Extract to soothe and Mallow Extract to combat dryness, this lightweight lotion smells divine!! It reminds me of crisp clean sheets, freshness and anything that represents comfort. Every time I use this lotion, I feel like I’ve been wrapped in cotton wool! The lotion soaks right in and dries up right away which is a big deal for me as I hate heavy/sticky body products which sit on top of the skin. Get it HERE

Gardener’s Hand Healer: Containing 20% shea butter (my favorite ingredient in body products) and 7 plant extracts, the texture of this cream is thicker and richer than the body balm. It distributes evenly and leaves a protective film over the skin without feeling oily. It smells exactly like the products they use in spas…you know that fresh, green, herbal scent you get when you step into a skincare spa? I’ve been massaging it into my knuckles and cuticles and this cream would be great in winter where you apply a thick coat over your hands and wear cotton gloves overnight for extra nourishment. Get it HERE

3-in-1 Micellar Water: Containing 3 different rose concoctions – Damask Rose water, Centifolia Rose essence and Wild Rose polyphenols, this product is designed to remove makeup, cleanse and tone the skin…talk about multi purpose! Benefits of rose water/extract in skincare is a well publicised fact, with many skincare companies adding rose to their products. Known for its anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and softening properties, I’ve been using rose water as a ‘spray-on toner’ for my face for years and love it. Having the added benefit of makeup cleanser with this 3-in-1 product is a big plus for me. Get it HERE

Le Couvent Des Minimes has an incredible variety of products ranging from skincare, body care, hair care and fragrances. If you’re after good quality natural products which are also great value or even looking for a special gift for a loved one, I would highly recommend this brand.

Disclaimer: All product reviews, thoughts and recommendations featured on Beauty Point Of View are solely my own. I do not get paid to endorse or advertise a product. I only feature brands and products that have been tried, tested and approved by me personally and provide my honest opinion.



Lancome Lip Lover

I bought a few Lancome products recently and one of the products was a Lip Lover – a new line of lip colors recently launched by Lancome. All the colors were gorgeous and I was tempted to get more than one but I refrained and stuck to what I needed instead: a natural, soft rose color. After a lengthy decision making process, I picked #321 Rose Contre Temps:


 I have 2 coats on my lips in the picture and I took the photos in natural light

The consultant at the counter mentioned these Lip Lovers were liquid lipsticks. But when I got to testing them and now that I wear it, I would definitely classify it as a lip gloss. The consistency is quite smooth and there’s a lot of shine but it’s definitely not opaque enough to be liquid lipstick. It actually applies quite sheer on the lips (though buildable); it has a soft fruity scent and doesn’t feel sticky on the lips.

Lancome Lip Lover

The packaging is pretty “fancy” with a little button above the Lancome logo, which releases the gloss wand when pressed. I don’t know that this feature adds an additional benefit compared to the standard screw-top gloss tubes but it looks nice and chic. The wand itself is soft sponge which has a pointed tip allowing good precision, and two sides of the wand are flat, which spreads the product evenly over the lips.

I would definitely recommend Lancome Lip Lover if you’re looking for a high shine gloss with good color payoff and a great variety of shades. What I noticed however, is that there are some stores which seem to have more/less shades than others. I’m not sure why this is but the chart I did below seems to be the standard set of colors launched.

Lancome Lip Lover is $23, but as I was checking for color range, I saw that Nordstrom have a 10% off sale on these, which brings the price down to $20.70 – happy about that! ;)

GET Lancome Lip Lover HERE


*Lancome usually offers great specials or gift-with-purchase deals so I would also recommend checking the Lancome counters at your local department stores or even online ;)


Have you tried the Lancome Lip Lover yet? What do you think of the colors? xx


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