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Swarovski Slake Bracelet

It was my birthday on the weekend, I think I’m still in denial of how quickly time is flying by. But of course I can’t dwell on things I can’t control so I’ll jump right into today’s post :) One of my birthday gifts was this gorgeous Swarovski Slake bracelet (thanking my cousin Melissa!!).

I’m a sucker for wrap bracelets or anything leather or suede. And then there are other times where I feel all girly and want something more glam. This gorgeous bracelet combines both styles and it’s so stunning, I can’t stop looking at it.

Swarovski Slake Bracelet

Adorned with glistening Swarovski crystals over slashed gray suede, this bracelet can either be worn as a straight cuff, or you can twist it to have the strips of suede fold over each other like I did in the picture above.

Swarovski Slake Deluxe Bracelet

The closure has two crystal snap buttons which can be adjusted to the size of your wrist. The way these tiny crystals shimmer and sparkle in different lights is so so pretty.

Swarovski Slake Bracelet

I personally prefer this gray color, as I can mix and match it with a lot of different outfits, however the Slake Deluxe Bracelet comes in so many amazing color combinations; below are some of the colors available:
Whether you’re looking for a bracelet for yourself that you can dress up or down, or a gift for someone special, as I was lucky enough to receive it, this bracelet would make a perfect addition to any accessory collection.

Of course whilst I was browsing through the site, couple of other ‘wishlist’ items caught my eye (as below). How amazing is the leather cuff with the crystals (and it’s on sale)! The spiral ring was being rocked by non other than Miss Jennifer Lopez recently and now that I have the Slake bracelet, I’m thinking it would make a perfect companion…hmmm…what do you guys think? :))



  Swarovski Slake Bracelet                      Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 6.03.10 PM                       Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 6.04.36 PM

                        Swarovski Slake Bracelet                                   Swarovski Auburn Cuff                            Swarovski Spiral Ring


Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Nail Polish

Hello beauties!! You know when I dedicate a whole post to nail polish, it means I absolutely love it! And this Sally Hansen Color Frenzy polish definitely deserves its own post as it’s so so pretty!

I was in a very girly mood so I was immediately drawn to the pretty baby pink speckles of this shade named Candy Drops. I did couple of coats Essie Muchi Muchi as base color to keep with the theme – which is a very similar pink shade to the Sally Hansen Candy Drops. Initially I was planning to only do an accent nail but I loved it so much that I did all my nails :)

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy

I love glitter polish or glitter top coats but I cannot stand the gritty sandy feel some of them leave once they dry off. I can’t take it off my nails soon enough. I was so pleased this line of Sally Hansen nail polish dries just as smooth as regular nail polish.

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Nail Polish in Candy Drops

Base: 2 coats of Essie Muchi Muchi / Top: Sally Hansen Color Frenzy in Candy Drops + clear top coat

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Nail Polish in Candy Drops

The particles in this polish are very thin and flat. There’s a range of satin finish glitter, mixed with subtle hues of blues, greens and rose gold shimmers. 2 coats gave me a good distribution of the glitter.

Of course you can use different colors as base and layer the Color Frenzy polish over the top, or you can even wear it on its own depending on the look you’re going for. Sally Hansen range of polishes are available at drugstores. I picked mine up on special for $4- There are 8 different shades within the Color Frenzy line and some are super bright and vibrant…


Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Nail Polish

Have you guys tried this line? What’s your favorite glitter nail polish? xx


Daily Boho

My summertime staple item is (and for many years has been) the flowy maxi skirt. Although I get lazy at times sticking to a plain black number, I still get drawn to maxi skirts with prints and patterns and different colors too. I love the feminine way such skirts drape as well as the comfort aspect. And lets not forget the added bonus: if you had to leave the house in a rush and your legs may not be in the best form, you can conceal them with a maxi skirt rather than sweating it out in a pair of pants :)

This skirt is a perfect example of how delicate prints and patterns on a black maxi can transform your whole outfit. Sticking to the boho theme of this particular skirt, I paired it with the crochet top and of course the espadrille wedges. Espadrilles have made a huge comeback this year. Whether you’re into flats or wedges, they look great with practically anything. *I’ve got a separate post coming up on different style of espadrilles so stay tuned ;)

If you have any questions regarding the pieces in this set, please leave a message in the comments section below ;) xx

TOP: Freja – Crochet top

SKIRT: Elegant Vogue – Bohemian sequin skirt

SHOES: Tory Burch – Emil wedge espadrille

BAG: Betty Jackson – Navy straw effect satchel


***All the fashion sets I publish are my own work from page layout to design, to styling. I create my sets to be of inspiration to carry into your own closets; whether you’re interested in the brands I feature or find alternatives to replicate the look.

You can find an archive of my previous sets HERE


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