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Louboutin Lipsticks Now Available

Hi beauties, I did an intro post on Christian Louboutin’s new lipstick line here last month and for those of you awaiting a launch date, I’m happy to announce you can now get your Louboutin lipstick fix…all 38 colors at that :)

SHOP Louboutin Lipstick Line HERE

Louboutin Lipsticks

I already had some people ask why some tubes are black, others are gold with different designs on them and what it all means. It’s a huge line so I thought I’d take the guesswork out of it for you :)

Just to recap, the line has 38 colors in 3 different finishes: Sheer Voile, Silky Satin and Velvet Matte. Only the signature red color Rouge Louboutin comes in the black tubes (with 3 different designs for the 3 different finishes). Rest of the colors are in gold tubes in the same corresponding design.

Louboutin Lipsticks

There are 8 sheer finish, 19 satin finish and 8 matte finish colors within this line and they range from nudes to pinks to mauves, rich berry and reds to vampy purple and burgundy.

Note: There’s also a 5-color Lip Definer (lip liner) range as part of the Louboutin line but these are only exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue stores – at least at this stage.


SHOP Louboutin Lipstick Line HERE

The lipsticks retail at $90 each and the tubes have a loop on the lid where you can feed through a chain or a ribbon that it comes with and wear it as a necklace. I guess $90 doesn’t sound as bad for a piece of jewellery than it might for a lipstick??…right? :)

What are your thoughts on the Louboutin lipstick line?


The Body Shop – Spa Of The World

The Body Shop is one of those brands I’ve held dear to my heart for years. No matter what other brands I try for body products, if I want guaranteed quality, great results and total indulgence, I always end up with a Body Shop product.

They recently launched two new lines: Spa Of The World and Oils Of Life. I got my hands on some the products and I cannot begin to explain how beautiful they all are. I will do this post in two parts as there are too many products to talk about; so today I’ll start by introducing you to: Spa Of The World range…

Disclaimer: Please note that Spa Of The World range is currently available in UK, Europe and Australia and I’m awaiting an exact launch date for US and Canada which I believe will be very soon. Refer to the links at the end of the post for more information.

The Body Shop Spa Of The World

The Body Shop Spa Of The World – Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil + Hawaiian Kukui Cream

The concept of Spa Of The World range is to basically bring renowned beauty ingredients from around the world to your very own bathroom. This is quite an extensive range of products and although I just wanted to bring everything home with me, my biased side of Hawaii love kicked in so I ended up getting the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil and Hawaiian Kukui Cream…just as a starting point.


The Body Shop Spa Of The World

The Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil: contains the famous monoi blend which is a mix of coconut oil and tiare flowers used by women of Pacific Islands for thousands of years. Known for its nourishing properties, this radiance oil is for body and hair. The oil feels light and absorbs into the skin very quickly without any oily or sticky residue.

Hawaiian Kukui Cream: extracted from Hawaiian kukui nuts, the oil in this rich cream is renowned for its healing and protective properties. Kukui oil contains vitamins A, C and E which are great antioxidants to repair, nourish and protect the skin. This cream is about the same consistency as The Body Shop body butters but the kukui oil allows it to melt right into the skin.

These two products alone are enough to boost your skin to its utmost health within a matter of days but wait til you see the rest of the amazing products within this line…


Spa Of The World range is divided into 3 categories: Blissful, Revitalising and Relaxing. Each category is marked with a color code which particular products belong to. You can most certainly mix and match products as you wish. I know I will be going back for a few more products very soon.The range has 4 oils, 2 body scrubs, 3 body creams, 2 body masks and 1 milk bath

BLISSFUL RITUAL: Products in this category are labelled with a yellow tab. Designed to indulge both your skin and your senses, the Blissful Ritual is all about nourishing and nurturing the skin.

Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil: contains tiare flowers to help achieve glowing skin and hair; Hawaiian Kukui Cream: helps restore skin’s natural suppleness, leaving it feeling nourished and soft; Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil: wild vanilla orchid is blended with yland ylang and patchouli for an irresistible sensual experience

The Body Shop Spa Of The World

Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil – Hawaiian Kukui Cream – Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil 

REVITALISING RITUAL: Products in this category are marked with a blue tab. If you’re feeling tired, run down or fatigued, these products are designed to give you an invigorating boost.

Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil: cherished in traditional Thai massage for the invigorating effect it has on body and mind; Dead Sea Salt Scrub: precious for its high mineral content and its coarse crystals, the perfect texture to reveal fresher-looking skin; Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay: mineral-rich Rhassoul clay is treasured by Moroccan women for its skin firming power, leaving skin to tighten as it dries

The Body Shop - Spa Of The World

Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil – Dead Sea Salt Scrub – Moroccon Rhassoul Body Clay

RELAXING RITUAL: Products in this category are marked with a purple tab. This last category is designed to take away all the built up stress and tension by providing calming, soothing relaxation.

French Lavender Massage Oil: with relaxing powers of lavender, its naturally calming scent promotes well-being and helps de-stress body and mind; Japanese Camellia Cream: used by Japanese women since the 8th century to dently soften and moisturise skin; Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay: grown and harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, bamboo charcoal is an ancient beauty secret to draw out impurities from skin; Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath: relax and unwind, with a recipe of three oil extracts to leave skin feeling luxuriously smooth; African Ximenia Scrub: handpicked in Namibia from the “Tree of Life”, the ximenia fruit seed yields a luxuriously rich oil, leaving skin feeling smoother and softer

The Body Shop Spa Of The World

French Lavender Massage Oil – Japanese Camellia Cream – Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay – Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath – African Ximenia Scrub

I really wish we had smell-o-vision so you could reach out to the screen and smell these products. They really take you away to some magical land even by their fragrance alone. The scrubs are finely milled and roll over the skin beautifully, the body clays are not only cleansing but they make the skin smooth and firm, the creams feel amazingly luxurious and the oils just glide over the skin like silk. Oh and that Egyptian Milk and Honey bath…I’m gonna have me a Cleopatra moment as soon as possible.

Beauties in the UK, Australia and Europe, you can now purchase Spa Of The World range from The Body Shop stores or online. Beauties in US and Canada, exact launch dates will be released soon. Until then, I’ll leave the following links so you can check back with the US site and/or gather more information on this range (and make your shopping list) via the UK and Australian sites.

The Body Shop US                  The Body Shop Australia                    The Body Shop UK


What do you think of this new line? Do you have a favorite Body Shop product?


OCC Lip Tars 2015

Before the craze of liquid lipsticks hit social media and the stores, OCC aka Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was already serving a delicious buffet of liquid lipsticks to choose from: The Lip Tars.

And even though their original squeeze-tube packaging is still available, OCC have now launched their favorite lip tars in ‘ready to wear’ traditional liquid lipstick tubes. Featuring 25 of their permanent colors, we now get to have the same amazing formula with a ‘mess and fuss free’ application.

Picture Credit: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

OCC Lip Tars 2015

ROW 1: Sebastian, John Doe, Hollywood, Interlace, Grandma – ROW 2: Strumpet, Lydia, Digitalis, Narcissus, Femme 

ROW 3: NSFW, Queen, Anime, Memento, Hush – ROW 4: Black Dahlia, Anita, Black Metal Dahlia, Vintage, Stalker

ROW 5: Pagan, Technopagan, Rx, Belladonna, Hoochie

Lip Tars are considered a ‘matte finish’, however there are some metallic colors within the range. The formula contains hemp oil which keeps the lips nourished without that dry flaky feel. There’s also a hint of peppermint oil which you can smell but it’s not strong enough to be offensive or irritate the lips.

I’m glad the company decided to make lip tars available with classic tube/wand applicators as the oil and the color component of the product can separate and it gets very hard to shake and mix it back together in the squeezable tubes. Although you can still purchase the squeezable tubes with an even wider variety of colors to choose from, I think the wand applicator will be a winner, particularly for personal use.

tar_anime_image Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 6.54.28 pm

Check out the full range of OCC Lip Tars HERE

The pigmentation factor has always been a winner for me with OCC Lips Tars as a tiny (and I mean a pin head amount) is usually enough to do one full coat over the lips. I’ve always had Lip Tars in my professional and personal makeup kits as their ease of application and staying power is amazing.

Another fun aspect of OCC Lip Tars – particularly for makeup artists, is that they come in crazy colors like bright yellow, black and even white so that you can mix and customise your own shades which makes the possibilities endless.

Below is a swatch of my must-have nude/neutral shades from OCC Lip Tar range. These are perfection if you’re a natural lip fan like I am. Tip: An additional deep vampy red like Black Dahlia or a gorgeous dark berry like Strumpet in your collection can help turn any of these shades from daytime nude to ‘custom color’ in an instant – just mix a drop (or more) of each color til you create your signature shade and you’re good to go!

OCC Lip Tars

Photo taken in natural light; OCC Lip Tars in Interlace, Trick, Hush, Memento

The Lip Tars come with corresponding lipliners and all OCC products are 100% cruelty free and vegan. OCC Lip Tars retail at $15 each for the tube/wand applicator and $18 for the squeezable tubes which includes a lip brush.

Shop OCC products HERE


Have you tried the Lip Tars before? What do you think of them?